India Missions

     Hello my friends, we are looking forward to bringing you more information in the days ahead about our work efforts in Middle Eastern India.

     We have just recently returned from our trip to Andrapredesh India. We are currently working with an  

Indigenous pastor there. We conducted a pastor training event with 131 pastor / churches represented! This represents approximately 7000 people being ministered to. We also had the priviledge of working with his private orphanage. There are presently 10 kids in there care. This ministry is totally supported by the church there. The average days wage there is $1.14 a day! We are in the process of helping with the feeding of the orphans. It takes $45 dollars a month to feed a child and cloth Him or her. If you would like to help, go to our giving tab. Giving is safe and tax deductable.

     The second phase of our vision there is to provide our pastor there with a vehicle to spread the Gospel, and written study materials to the other 131 pastors who are too poor to have access to internet or books, or school. The vehicle will also be utililzed to help with orphans. Please pray and consider joining with us in providing, what would truly be a miracle, an automobile for the ministry there.

     Our third phase of our vision, is a pastor training facility. This facility will be utilized in training local pastors, and housing them on campus, to receive biblical training and understanding. The facility will also be used as an orphanage, with a boys / girls dormatories. This phase has the potential to change Middle Eastern India culture as we know it. Please pray about how you may become partners in this God sized vision! 

     Please do not hesitiate to contact me for more detailed information.

God bless,

Pastor MIke

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